Infographique service de traduction - TraductoLab

Translate your documents from English into French with a bilingual scientist. I offer scientific or general translations. 

I offer translations on classic mediums such as theses, articles, reports or books, but also numerical translations such as for websites, blogs or subtitling videos.  

TraductoLab guarantees a high-quality translation which respects the original message all while adapting the text for a french audience.

Proof reading


Proof reading and corrections to your French documents. 

Proof reading with TraductoLab will help you catch and eliminate errors and refine the vocabulary used for a more cohesive document.

TraductoLab guarantees a final product without mistakes and with clear, cohesive sentences. Changes to your document can also include changing the structure of a sentence or offering synonyms for words.

Audio services


Voiceover services by a bilingual francophone. 

In a commercial setting, a french voiceover can be added to your advertisements, videos, or documentaries to attract a french audience. 

For personal use, your presentation documents can be read in French to show you the correct pronunciation of words to help you prepare before talks and presentations. 

TraductoLab guarantees a clear and articulated voiceover with high quality audio.

Types of documents

Scientific articles, books, chapters, blogs, reports, theses, posters, subtitles for videos, websites, and web pages…

Subjects covered

My specialties are paleontology, biology, and geology. These domains are incredibly broad, giving me an insight into many fields which I have studied throughout my degrees (ex: phylogeny, climatology, taphonomy, seismology, oceanography…). These subjects equally require knowledge in related scientific fields to get a complete understanding of them. Therefore, I have used many concepts in physics, chemistry, statistics, and computer sciences throughout my studies. My skills also translate well to other disciplines such as the medical field, as I have a vast knowledge of anatomy, osteology, myology, microorganisms, and genetics.

All scientific subjects are welcome!

Every level of science

My scientific background will allow me to translate your documents of any scientific level. The vocabulary used will be perfectly suited to your needs, be it for science popularization for general audiences, or for a high-level published thesis. The complexity of the subject matter will be respected and highlighted in the clearest way possible. With TraductoLab, you can be sure that your content will be understood and therefore accurately translated. 

I can equally translate non scientific general documents such as posters or books, but not official documents as I am not a court approved translator.

Prices and conditions

The price of a translation is set depending on the specifics of the project, such as the length of the document and the quantity of work required. We generally charge around 14 cents per word (or an equivalent in pounds), but this sum can vary depending on the project.

For more information, check out our terms and conditions.

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