Terms and conditions

Placing an order

TraductoLabs services are subject to confirmation by Holly MARTIN EI.

To place an order, please contact us with the contact form. Specify the type of service you’re interested in and some information about your project (eg: number of words, number of pages, type of document…). A contract will then be sent to you. This contract must be signed by the client. This is the formal acceptance of the project. 


The payment will be made by transfer directly into the TraductoLab bank account. The account information will be sent to the client after they have agreed the piece of work and signed the contract. The price of the project will depend on it’s specifications. The price is based on the word count of a document and the amount of work required.

Payment is made in multiple stages to maintain trust between the translator and the client. 

For projects under 7000 words (~14 pages), paiement is due in two stages:

  • The first payment, 30% of the total sum, will be asked for at the start of the project. This sum is non refundable.
  • The final 70% will be sent at the end of the operation.

For projects over 7000 words, paiement is due in three stages:

  • The first payment, 30% of the total sum, will be asked for at the start of the project. This sum is non refundable.
  • The second 30% will be due at an agreed halfway point, once you have agreed that you are happy with the progress and standard of the translation.
  • A final transaction of 40% will be sent at the end of the operation. 

The first payment of 30% is non refundable and must be recieved by TraductoLab before the project can commence. After receiving this first payment, TraductoLab will send a receipt.

The second sum must be sent at the agreed halfway point before the project can continue. Once this payment has been received, it cannot be refunded. If payment is not received by the due date, TraductoLab reserves the right to give notice in writing (by email or post) that the continuation of the project is cancelled. If the progress or standard of the project is not to your liking, you may cancel the rest of the project without any further cost.

The final sum will be due within 30 days of the final document being recieved, failure to pay within this time incurs interest on a weekly basis.

When the final document is sent, any corrections or modifications that the client wishes to be made will be taken into account before the final transaction, to ensure total satisfaction with the final product.

All content produced by TraductoLab is the property of TraductoLab until full payment is recieved. Any use of translated content without payment will result in legal action. This also applies to any content TraductoLab has translated before a cancellation.